Central Public School


Transport Facility

CENTRAL PUBLIC SCHOOL has a well planned and very smooth Transport system. The entire city is well connected and the vehicles pick up students from every part of the city.

The buses make two trips daily; first trip at 12.00 hours after the dispersal of the junior section comprising classes nursery to Std.2, and the second trip at 1. 50 p.m., after the final dispersal of all the remaining classes.

There are seven vehicles, four big buses, accommodating about fifty students each; and three vans, accommodating about twenty students each. These vehicles ply on varied routes every morning picking up students from various stops. There are mainly three routes covered by our vehicles:

  • The First route covers Kandra, Gamharia, and NIT.
  • The second route covers Bistupur, Sakshi, Kadma, Sonari etc.
  • The third route covers Station, jugsalai, Parsudih, Baghbera, Kashidih etc.

Thus students have no problem in reaching the school from any part of the Jamshedpur. The drivers and conductors are very responsible and amiable men who take every necessary precaution and never compromise on the safety of the students they carry.



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