About Our School

About Our School

The school came into existence in 2005 as a result of the dynamic vision of the renowned educational and social reformer Shri Hare Ram Singh and has ever since proved its excellence in every field.


Central Public School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) up to Secondary level in 2007 and up to Senior Secondary level in 2009.

Management Committee

The school is run by Jyotipunj Educational and Welfare Society duly constituted and registered under the provision of Central / State Acts.


CPS Jamshedpur infrastructure is include classrooms, laboratories for the science practical, the halls and open fields for games, equipment, dormitories, sanitation facilities and others.

TV-Sat Technology

The school offers a unique opportunity through V-SAT technology. The virtual classes are conducted where the student get the advantage of interacting with their pears across the geographical locations.

Institutional Ethics & Values

At C.P.S. every student is a unique individual with a unique aptitude, interest and skill. A school as an educational organization is responsible for providing a suitable ground for the growth of these unique aptitudes. C.P.S. is committed to recognize, realize and reinforce aptitudes at a personal level. Our emphasis on personal care ensures that every child feels valued and supported. We endeavor to provide a learner-friendly environment, strengthening individual potentials painstakingly but graciously. We acknowledge our social, national, universal responsibility and hence, work in the direction of transforming young minds into intellectually equipped but sympathetically curbed personalities. We are concerned for the Environmental depletion and aspire to develop a keen sensibility towards the procurement of a pollution-free, clean and healthy environment. We emphasize discipline, lay stress on conduct and provide conveniently but planned guidelines for the comprehensive subject wise regular learning. The books are carefully selected in the interest of the learner and the curriculum is meticulously planned.

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